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 Tech-Wall Installs

 Tackable and Acoustic Fabric-Wall-Panels Throughout California. 


What We Do

Tech-Wall supplies and installs both fabric and winyl-wrapped wall panels, as well as our own stretched-fabric wall systems throughout California.

Servicing Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino and Surrounding Southern California Areas.


What We Install

Streched-Fabric-Walls, Acoustic- Panles, Baffles, Diffusers, Absorbers, Soundproofing and Sound-Deadening Products, Pre-Made Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustical Boards, Projection Screens, Vinyl-Wrapped panels. We also offer Markerboards, Pre-made Tackboards and Display Cases, for Schools,Colleges,Universities and Office Buildings.


Our Portfolio Includes

 Churches, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial Buildings, Museums, Office Buildings, Residential Buildings, Student Housing, College Dorm Rooms, Retail Spaces, Schools, Restaurants, Recording- Studios and Theaters.  





Our Fabric Wall Panel System

Acoustic Wall Panels are the best way to absorb sound from a classroom, home or the office environment. Our Fabric Wall Systems are designed to make it easier to communicate in a noisy environment.  Adding functionality and a aestheticly pleasing look to any type of room. Tech-Wall’s “Stretched Fabric Wall System” will vastly improve the acoustics in any room.  By reducing the reverberation, speech will sound clearer and sound transmission between rooms will be reduced. This translates into a quieter study area and a more enjoyable learning,working and living environment. 






Fully licensed,Bonded and Insured.



Before you decide on a subcontractor, contact Tech-Wall. We have the experience to make your building project a success. 


 Tech-Wall Has The Experience You Can Trust


For 30+ years Tech-Wall has provided the solution for areas that require noise reduction and tackable surfaces. 

   Clean and Fast Installation.

Always built to the highest standard.


To Get More Information

Division 9 installation services

Request a quote with the button below or contact us for more information about our fabric-wall panel instlation service at  805-642-7600.


Rest assured that we have the right solution, to resolve your acoustical and noise reduction needs. We also offer a full wall tackboard systems for schools and office spaces. learn more