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Marin 1300

Marin 1300

Guilford of Maine Marin Acoustical Panel Fabric  

Sustainable panel & acoustics CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES collection! This new collection includes 3 beautiful acoustically transparent panel patterns: Marin, Purpose, and Resolve.

The CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES panel & acoustic collection is designed with sustainability in mind, using CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES OCEAN WASTE and BIODEGRADABLE technologies.

Clean Impact Textile
Help keep plastic out of our oceans and landfills.

With Guilford of Maine Marin Acoustic, Panel, & Upholstery Fabrics

All of the acoustic fabrics we offer for wrapping acoustical wall panels, such as Guilford of Maine  FR-701, Marin, and Anchorage are designed to let more than 99% of sound energy pass through into the acoustic absorbent materiall, rather than reflecting sound off the surface and back into the room.  Because of the high acoustical transparency many of Guilford fabrics are also excellent for use as speaker grille cloth.