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 Tech-Wall Inc. Offers Quality Installation Of Acoustical and Tackable Products Throughout California.

 *Support & Service * Tech-Wall’s experienced staff of Designers, Project Estimators and Trusted Installers will provide you with complete assistance on your next project. Whether you’re an Architect, Design Professional, Facilities Manager, or a do it yourselfer. From large Educational or Commercial projects to simple Home Theaters Tech-Wall Inc is here to help make your project a success. Unlike some companies who make it almost impossible to speak with a live customer service representative. Our staff is anxious to understand your design needs and helping you successfully address them.

*Tech-Wall Also Installs*Baffles,Diffusers,Absorbers,Soundproofing and Sound-Deadening Products.Pre-Made Acoustical Wall Panels,Acoustical Boards, Manual and Motorized Projection Screens,Vinyl-Wrapped panels from manufacturers such as Chatsfield-Clarke and Claridge. As well as from a variety of other manufacturers such as Wall Technology, Lanvin,Guilford of Maine,Knoll Textiles,True Textiles,Hytex,and many many others... We also Offer Markerboards, Pre-made Tackboards and Display Cases. 



Keep your Project on time! 
Lead times one week or less with our Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems.
Most orders in stock and ready to ship.
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Great Prices and fast Installation