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One of the reasons our “Stretched-Fabric Wall System” continues to be the industry leader is its ability to be easily cleaned.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Tech-Wall Inc offers a large selection of 100% recycled polyester panel fabrics. Most are colorfast to both water-based and solvent-based cleaning solutions and may be cleaned with conventional upholstery cleaning systems.

Note: the following are general recommendations for the panel fabric only. Some fabric cleaning methods may cause damage to underlying materials in panel or wall panel systems. Contact a TechWall customer service representative for recommendations and precautions prior to attempting any of the following procedures:

• Vacuum the fabric periodically to remove accumulated dirt and dust. The frequency of this and any other routine maintenance is determined by end use conditions.

• Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away smudges, loose dirt & dust from the fabric surface.

• Ensure that the fabric is adequately rinsed after cleaning, as residual cleaning agents may accelerate soiling.

• Have the fabric professionally cleaned whenever large stains or an overall soiled condition occurs.

 Uses and Care Instructions 

Water-based- For most water-based stains, a clean, absorbent cloth dampened with a detergent solution (e.g. 1 teaspoon laundry detergent/1 pint warm water) should be applied to the stain. Blot the fabric with the treated cloth, working from the outer edge of the stained area, moving inward. In order to effectively draw out the stain, renew the cleaning cloth frequently. Rinse well with clear water, and dry the fabric as quickly as Possible.
Oil-based- Most Oil-based stains may be treated in a similar manner, substituting a volatile solvent-based cleaner for the detergent solution. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for using such products, and always pretest an inconspicuous area of the fabric for colorfastness to the cleaning agent.
If a fabric covering is damaged or unable to be cleaned for any reason

Staples, Tacks and Pins – Can be repeatedly removed and replaced without any damage to the Tackable Panel when the “Stretched-Fabric Wall System” is used in with a Tackable/Self-Healing fabric. Although our system can be used with almost any fabric, we recommend that you specify fabrics from reputable manufacturers that meet our high standards of quality, durability and sustainability, such as Guilford of Maine one of the best names in acoustical and tackable fabrics today. These fabrics have been specifically designed and tested with acoustic/tackable performance in mind. 

Brads and Small nails – Can be used to attach larger objects to the tackable panels. The Tech-Wall system shows far less damage than typical Vinyl wrapped panels Nails – The nail should be "fished" through the weave of the fabric. Care should be taken to prevent any threads from getting crushed or cut. After the nail is removed a permanent flaw/hole may remain in the fabric. Screws – Should be avoided! If a screw must be used, fish the screw through the weave of the fabric and insert the screw by hand. Watch the area around the screw to make sure that the adjacent threads do not get pulled. When using larger screws, you may need to cut a small hole in the fabric, extra care should be used to prevent damage to the fabric. An electric drill or electric screwdriver should never be used! If a thread is pulled it can run the entire length of the panel! After the screw is removed a permanent flaw/hole may remain in the fabric.

Small cuts and holes- can be prevented from spreading by putting a small drop of Supper Glue or hot glue in the corner of the tear.
Turn your walls into a durable surface you can actually use TechWall’s “Stretched-Fabric Wall System” provides an attractive, tackable surface that is far superior to plain painted walls or standard vinyl wrapped tack-boards. Our unique “Stretched-Fabric Wall System” offers businesses & educational institutions with a clearly superior wall finishing solution. It turns a large amount of your wasted wall space into an attractive, functional and contributive part of your work, learning and living environments.
Our system also offers HIGH-IMPACT DURABILITY with the shatter resistant frame which keeps the edges protected. The fabric is gripped by the frame and held taut over the surface of the panel, mitigating impact damage to keep your acoustic or tackable panels looking perfect year after year.