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Acoustics & Noise Reduction is often overlooked when designing rooms. Tech-Wall’s “Stretched Fabric Wall System” will vastly improve the acoustics in any room. By reducing the reverberation, speech will sound clearer and sound transmission between rooms will be reduced. This translates into a quieter study area and a more enjoyable learning environment. (1-inch) Track with 6-pcf fiberglass  is our most popular acoustical system. Providing excellent aesthetics and acoustics. The standard reflective Vinyl wrapped panels are detrimental to the acoustics of a room. Again we recommend the use of one of the many Acoustical & Tackable Panel Fabrics offered by Guilford of Maine. Made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled polyester (soda bottles, Guilford of Maine fabrics have the strength and durability to withstand years of use and still look as great as the day that they were installed.techwall-how-to-book-tech-wall-copy-page-001.jpg




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Fabric Mounting Track

 The way a "Stretched-Fabric Wall System" works is a three part process using a Fabric mounting track/frame, acoustical or tackable core material and the covering fabric... First, the track is attached to the wall around the perimeter of the area to be covered. Based on the fabric width, panels can be up to 5 1/2 feet by the length you desire. The layout therefore, does not require joints every 4 feet as traditional pre-made panels. After the track is installed, the core material is then in-filled inside the tracked perimeter. The last step is rolling the fabric into the track's locking jaws. The fabric is stretched over the substrate or core material and is pulled taut as not to sag or slip over time.