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Guilford of Maine Panel Fabrics

What is an Acoustic Panel Fabric and why are Guilford of Maine Fabrics The right choice?  Put simply, an “Acoustic Panel Fabric” is a fabric which is suitable for use in acoustic absorption products because of its acoustic properties.  It must be acoustically transparent; that is, penetrable to sound waves.  Of course the work of absorbing sound in the room is being done by the acoustic substrate or insulation. So what's the purpose of the fabric? It's mostly there to make the room look great but there is more to it than just choosing an acoustic fabric based on aesthetics alone. The first job of an "Acoustic Panel Fabric" is to not get in the way of what the acoustic panel is there to do. You want the sound to pass right through the fabric and into the acoustic core material behind it. If the fabric is reflecting the sound back into the room your acoustic panels aren't doing a thing. With all of the above in mind, you are now ready for the fun part: Choosing a pattern and a color! We recommend the use of one of the many Acoustical & Tackable Panel Fabrics offered by Guilford of Maine. Made from post-consumer and postindustrial recycled polyester (soda bottles), Guilford of Maine fabrics like open house have the strength and durability to withstand years of use and still look as great as the day that they were installed...

FR701.  The industry standard was launched in 1979. Renowned for its high performance and unprecedented durability, FR701 is a cult classic for the textile industry. Featuring impressive acoustic transparency, its 100% polyester weave is offered in a large palette of colors that meld into any environment.



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