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Fabric Mounting Track

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TW-150 One-Inch Fabric Mounting TrackPrice per foot $2.23- Price per five foot segment $11.15

TW-100 Half-Inch Fabric Mounting TrackPrice per foot $1.75 - Price per five foot segment $8.75

 Discount pricing available on orders above 5,000 feet.

 Tech-Wall Fabric-Track is the budget-friendly solution approved to replace other higher priced Fabric Mounting Frames From Companies like:  Acoustical Solutions, Fabricmate, CLIPSO, Novawall, Fabritrak, Fabricwalls, Eurospan and many others. Simply we sell "Fabric Mounting Track" for up to 70% less than other manufacturers...    

Tech-Wall Fabric Mounting Track is the most versatile and user friendly, Stretch-Fabric Wall System in the industry. Providing professional results at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for sound and noise reduction panels in Recording Studios, Vocal Booth And Control Rooms. Our Fabric Mounting Track is also tough enough to stand up to high traffic areas in the office or classroom environment.  The Fabric Mounting Track allows for easy installation while preventing the edges of your acoustical panels from ever being crushed or dented. Typical vinyl or fabric wrapped panels will become damaged and do not allow the fabric to be changed.     

   *Add Style And Reduce Noise In Any Room With A Custom-Built Full Wall Acoustical Panel System*  how-to-build-fabric-covered-acoustical-panels.png
 custom-acoustical-wall-system.png    The way a "Stretched-Fabric Wall System" works is a three part process using a Fabric mounting track/frame, acoustical or tackable core material and the covering fabric... First, the track is attached to the wall around the perimeter of the area to be covered. Based on the fabric width, panels can be up to 5 1/2 feet by the length you desire. The layout therefore, does not require joints every 4 feet as traditional pre-made panels. After the track is installed, the insulation material is then in-filled inside the tracked perimeter. The last step is tucking the fabric into the Fabric-track's locking jaws. The fabric is stretched over the  tackable substrate or  acoustic insulation material and is pulled taut. Fabrics will not to sag or slip over time.  acoustical-boards.original.jpg
The track holds the covering in place without the use of any adhesives. (No Mess & No Harmful Fumes) The importance of this is two fold. First it allows for the easy removal and replacement of the covering. Second, un-backed fabrics are used. Backed or glued fabrics (coverings) are NOT acoustically transparent and will lower the NRC of the panel. Some of the other advantages of a “track system” are; the track will automatically scribe to most conditions, almost unlimited panel sizes and shapes, NO field measurements needed, little or no lead time and gives a high-tech look that is impossible for wrapped panels to accomplish. 

The image below demonstrates the Fabric Mounting Tracks ability to create whole wall acoustical panels,and custom built tackboards in a variety of layouts. When you choose to build your acoustic panels using our Fabric Mounting Track you choose the design. 


 Specify the right Acoustic Panel Track and Tackable Wall System on your next project. We have the acoustical solution to meet all of your noise reduction and sound control needs. Vew more Fabric Covered Wall Design Ideas or download our Acoustical Panel and Thackboard wall specifications below.

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Tech-Wall’s “Stretched Fabric Wall System” will vastly improve the acoustics in any room.

 Acoustics & Noise Reduction is often overlooked when designing rooms. Tech-Wall’s “Stretched Fabric Wall System” will vastly improve the acoustics in any room. By reducing the reverberation, speech will sound clearer and sound transmission between rooms will be reduced. This translates into a quieter study area and a more enjoyable learning,working and living environment. The standard reflective Drywall & Paint even Vinyl wrapped panels are detrimental to the acoustics of a room.